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Integrative Flower Essence Readings usually last about 90 minutes to two hours.  They can either be done in person (if you are in Los Angeles) or over the phone/Skype.  Each reading will culminate in a custom flower remedy blend.  Sometimes mineral or other vibrational remedies will show up in a person’s formula as well.   The reading will identify the core psychospiritual issue you are traveling through and connect you with the plant allies that are strongly showing up for you at this time.

Some clients have called the readings “plant divinations” or “nature spirit sessions.” Because each human is radically different, no two sessions are alike.  I have found each reading to wildly specific and always surprising.  In other words, each reading will be reflective of your own unique signature and essence.

Our readings will always be collaborative in nature and we will dialogue back and forth throughout the process.  I will begin by connecting to your Higher Self and discussing the issues in your life you wish to address.  From this point on, it becomes difficult to put the experience of a reading into words…  

As we talk, I will often see images from your energy body open up before me, somewhat like seeing a book of your life in three-dimensionality.   From there we will explore your spiritscape and attune to the messages that are presenting themselves: they might be related to ancestral patterns, family and relationships, past-lives, self-concept, stuck-emotions, career, creativity…. and many others. Lastly, we will explore your ten “light wheels” (similar to chakras) as a way of assessing your energy field.

You may bring questions to the reading about life direction, relationships, or other issues for which you are wanting insight.  While we can discuss your future, I do not make predictive readings (the timelines we walk amongst are way too complicated).  However, I can offer guidance to align you with your life-direction and path of heart.

My approach is also integrative in nature: meaning that sometimes I might also give you suggestions for other complementary modalities (such working with an herbalist, acupuncturist, cranial-sacral therapy, etc).  I will also likely give you “life homework” throughout the reading.  Therefore, you will probably want to come prepared to take notes during the session.  I also do allow for readings to be recorded.

How many sessions or essence formulas should one have?  The answer, of course, varies depending on the needs of the person and the complexity of the issues you are working through.  Some people find that one session and one formula is all that they need to address a particular issue.  However, for those wishing to make bigger life changes or bigger transformations, you will benefit from multiple sessions and a series of formulas that can address your needs as they arise layer by layer.


$150 for One Session (lasts 90 minutes to two hours)

$400 for Series of Three Sessions (each lasts 90 minutes to two hours)

Please contact Amanda to set up a consultation.


“Everyone should see you.” – Asher Hartman, Intuitive, Artist

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