Amanda Ackerman


I am an essence practitioner, writer, and teacher living in Los Angeles.   I graduated from CalArts with an MFA in creative writing.  My first book, The Book of Feral Flora, was released in 2016.  I do weave this background into intuitive readings, and my practice will often deeply examine and explore the stories we carry psychically and energetically.  

I am in love with the plant world and the art of alchemy.  Currently I am studying to become a homeopath at the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy.  Also, I have been working as flower essence therapist for over 17 years.  However, I have been working with flower essences nearly my whole life.  As a child, I would often take clear glass bowls, fill them with water, cover the surface with blossoms, and leave the flowers in the sunlight to permeate the liquid.  Later, when I trained to become a practitioner with Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz (founders of the Flower Essence Society), I would learn how to make essences: take a crystal bowl, fill it with spring water, cover the surface with blossoms at the height of bloom, and leave in the sun.  I learned that I had been practicing the traditional method of making a flower essence since childhood.  

For 15 years, I have also been an apprentice of the Dineh Beauty Way path, brought forward with the permission of native elders.  The vision of this lineage is to bring the Beauty Way as a Rainbow Path and Dreamer’s path, one that would be inclusive and open to people of all backgrounds.  The vision states that in these radically accelerated and challenging times, the native teachings would be invaluable to all who wished to protect the dream of Grandmother Earth and stand in guardianship of her worlds (the minerals, plants, animals, and humans).  Being non-indigenous, I know what a deep privilege it is to be given these teachings.  My practice seeks to marry the Beauty Way with the healing modality of flower essences.  As a result, sessions take on a unique hue — looking at both the seen and unseen aspects of the issues you are working through in your life and inner landscape.

I see working with the plants and their gifts as a form of waking dreaming, a way of deep listening to the messages the plants are bringing to us in these intense times – helping us become Sacred Humans: the ones who stand for Grandmother Earth, the ones who push the the boundaries of identity and creativity, the ones who hold radical witness to injustice, who bring medicine to the collective, who see reality differently, who speak in order to heal, the ones who wish to be illumined to their soul’s purpose.  The ones who seek a path, and a revolution, of Heart.